Get started pushing events to EnaLog quickly!


The quickest way to start pushing events to EnaLog is to use autotrack. Which will automatically track page views, button clicks, and link clicks. You can read more about it here

Manual Tracking

If you want to have more control over the data you send to EnaLog you can use manually push events using on of our SDKs.

Your API token

You can retrieve your organisation's API token by heading to the Organisation page.

Every request to the EnaLog API requires you send your organisation's API token in the Authorization header using the Bearer : <api-token> format. If you do not send your API token in the Auhtorization header the API will automatically reject your request.

Choose your package

You will need to install the relevant package for your language. We currently have first class support for four languages:

Publish your event

Once you have installed your chosen package you can use it to start sending events to EnaLog.