The EnaLog events API is used to send events to EnaLog. This endpoint can be used if we don't have an SDK in the programming language of your choice.


To send an event to EnaLog make a POST request to the endpoint below.


To send events to the events API you will need to authenticate using your API token, which will be passed into the Authorization header in the following format:

Authorization: Bearer <API-TOKEN>

Event Format

The following table demonstrates what data is required and what data is optional.

Data Required Description
Project Yes The name of the project that you want this event to belong to in
Name Yes The name of the event you want to send to EnaLog in slug format. For example an event called User Subscribed would be user-subscribed
Description No OPTIONAL description of the event
Icon No OPTIONAL emoji to associate with the event
Push Yes Boolean (true or false) whether you want the event to be pushed to your mobile device (mobile apps are coming soon)
Tags No OPTIONAL array / list of strings you would like to associate with the event
Meta No OPTIONAL object of key / value pairs of any other data you would like to pass to the event
Channels No OPTIONAL object of key / value pairs which set which channels to send this event to
User ID No OPTIONAL string of your User ID - could be internal ID or email. Request key should be user_id