Introducing Feature Flags in EnaLog

EnaLog just evolved again. Since we launched back at the beginning of March 2023 we have been on this evolutionary road which has led to EnaLog changing quickly and sometimes unexpectedly. We've introduced EnaLog Metrics shortly after launch, we introduced Autotrack and now we can introduce Feature Flags!

We've previously written about what feature flags are and how they work so if you're not entirely sure give those articles a read.

What are the new Feature Flags in EnaLog?

When we built EnaLog we focused solely on user event tracking but we quickly realised that most product analytics are way too complex and out of the price range of most early SaaS businesses. But just because a business doesn't have the cash to pay for an enterprise solution doesn't mean they won't benefit from using functionality like feature flags. So we decided to build a solution.

Feature Flags in EnaLog allow you to create a flag, set the percentage of users to roll it out to and then use the flag. Every flag has a control variant (your default feature) and A variant (your new feature). Users will automatically be put into one of the variants for you and will always receive the same variant. You can see how many users have been put into each variant in the EnaLog dashboard. At the moment the names of each variant are not customisable.

You can use your flags to rollout a new feature to a small percentage of your users to beta test or to trial a new landing page. If you also want the ability to be able to revert a large change such as a new onboarding flow a feature flag is a great option as you can turn it off and revert to your old flow without having to make a code change.

How do you use them?

Once you have created the flag in EnaLog you can use the checkFeature (check_feature for Python) function in our SDKs to evaluate whether the user is in the feature flag A variant or not. If the user is in the A variant you will show them your new feature, if they're not in the A variant show them the old feature.

We will shortly sharing some code examples and demo applications which will demonstrate how to use feature flags.

What's next?

We will continue to grow feature flags to add support for multi-variant flags where you will be customise the variant names and run flags with more than two variants. We've already shipped the ability to reset a flag and pause it with ease since they launched.

Wrapping it up

This is the third large milestone in the evolution of EnaLog and we're really excited to see how our users use feature flags. If you would like to get started using feature flags you can sign up for a free account, no credit card required.