Introducing EnaLog Autotrack

EnaLog Autotrack

Today I'd like to introduce Autotrack for EnaLog. It allows you to automatically track page views, button clicks, and link clicks in your application just by adding a script to your app.


To use Autotrack you will need to have signed up to EnaLog. You can start with our free account (no credit card required) Once you have signed up and created your first project, you'll need to take note of your API token and project name in slug format, for example project named Landing Page would have a slug of landing-page.

How to setup Autotrack

Setting up Autotrack is simple. Copy the example snippet below and paste it before the closing body (</body>) tag in your app. After pasting the snippet you will want to add your EnaLog API token which you copied earlier to the data-enalog-token attribute and add your project name which you copied earlier to the data-enalog-project attribute.

<!-- EnaLog Autotrack -->
<!-- End EnaLog Autotrack -->

And that's it. Deploy your application and Autotrack will start tracking page views, button clicks and link clicks automatically.

Wrapping up

This is just the start of Autotrack, we plan to add support for tracking forms, inputs and customisation for enabling and disabling feature in Autotrack.

Have a good day and keep pushing events!