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What are UUIDs?

6 Sep 2023

UUIDs are commonly used in software. But what are they? Let's take a look

What is Website Monitoring?

17 Aug 2023

Making sure your website is running smoothly all the time is not easy. Website Monitoring or Uptime monitoring is an important tool to make sure your website is up and running at all times.

Is Session Recording worth it?

9 Aug 2023

Session recording is a popular tool among SaaS businesses and startups but is it really worth it? Let's take a look at why it can be a really valuable tool.

What is Session Recording?

31 Jul 2023

Businesses that have users interacting with an application such as SaaS apps need to know what their users are doing and how they use the tool.

What is Conversion Rate?

27 Jul 2023

Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics for any business especially new and small startups. We'll take a look at what conversion rate is and how to calculate it.

The PHP SDK is here

21 Jul 2023

Introducing the PHP SDK for EnaLog! It's been a long time coming but now it's finally here, all you Lambo drivers can finally track your user activity in your PHP apps.

What is Product Analytics?

17 Jul 2023

The competition among digital products is bigger than ever, this means that business need to use product analytics to find insights to improve their products.

What is a Sample Size in A/B Tests?

9 Jul 2023

A quick dive into what sample sizes are in A/B tests and why understanding their importance is important to the success of your tests.

Introducing Feature Flags in EnaLog

15 Jun 2023

We have a new exciting feature in EnaLog! Introducing Feature Flags which allow you and your team to rollout features

Understanding User Cohorts

14 Jun 2023

User cohorts and user cohort analysis is a key tool for any product analytics, we are going to dive into the basics so you can utilise it in your team.